Spfx graph api sample

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While configuring the web-part, I've updated the package-solution.

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Here's the error I see when performing the same approval via PowerShell:. FYI — I tried to use the microsoft-search tag as recommended by MS here at stack overflow, but it does not yet exist and I don't have the reputation here to add it. Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 1 month ago. Active 1 month ago. Viewed 41 times.

Here's the error I see when performing the same approval via PowerShell: FYI — I tried to use the microsoft-search tag as recommended by MS here at stack overflow, but it does not yet exist and I don't have the reputation here to add it.

Haymak3r Haymak3r 1, 1 1 gold badge 10 10 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges. Based on the displayed error message, it would appear that your account does not have Tenant Admin privileges to be able to approve requests. If you are already a Tenant Admin, then I suggest opening a support request with Microsoft.

Stack Overflow was their recommendation for questions so I'm hoping some of the MS dev team is listening. Have you looked at the samples as github. I'm reworking them a bit, but those should work. Active Oldest Votes. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog. Q2 Community Roadmap. The Unfriendly Robot: Automatically flagging unwelcoming comments.

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spfx graph api sample

Hot Network Questions. Question feed.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Could someone share a JavaScript example? I know a token is required for each request, and you must sign-in to get that token. The issuer is the security token service from users's tenant.

Based on my understanding, it is not able to request the Microsoft Graph directly in the SharePoint online page. As a workaround, you can build a web service using Client Credentials flow which doesn't need users participate in the authentication as the service agent for the Microsoft Graph. Or if you want the Microsoft Graph to support this feature, you may submit the feedback from here.

On runtime user's wont need to sign in again, due to SSO. The GraphHttpClient has been deprecated. You are correct. If you're already logged into SharePoint, you don't need to pass security again.

Here is an example I am using today no spaces - the backslashes need to be passed in, so escaping characters is important :.

This has been deprecated. Learn more. Asked 3 years, 7 months ago. Active 2 years ago. Viewed 6k times.SharePoint, Microsoft, Modern Workplace. The technologies around SharePoint and Office never stop offering a wide range of solutions to access data. The facts are, in a SharePoint context, on one side, the developers have to choose which gateway they have to take for their developments and on the other side, the number of customers who are interested in the way we access to their data even if they are not developers, become increasingly important:.

As you can guess, you need to know which endpoints you have to use to perform the C. All the requests that send content to SharePoint, have to be authenticated.

With Microsoft Graph, you can access the wide resources provided by your Microsoft Tenant. Microsoft provides Graph Explorer; a tool to connect you to your environment, try your own requests or some samples:.

spfx graph api sample

Because Microsoft Graph is relatively young, the endpoints are limited. Currently October 2,the endpoints available to work with SharePoint are:. Microsoft Graph becomes useful when you wish to link several resources types in one point like Delve does.

I hope this post has clarified some aspects in order for you to choose the best solution by yourself. The Microsoft Graph explorer is a tool that lets you make requests and see responses against the Microsoft Graph.In the recent 7 months the new SharePoint Framework has been taking off. Many developers have started to look into the options and this has resulted in many contributions on GitHub.

At least that would create a standard before too many examples all follow their own standard. Some of these samples can be used on your sites and some of the samples are more technically solving smaller technical issues. This sample shows how to migrate an existing Angular app to the new SharePoint Framework client-side web part. By migrating the app to SPFx, the app can now be available within the SharePoint chrome without changing the app.

This SharePoint Framework client side web part shows the creation of a multiple screens like in PowerApps within a web part. One screen will show a questionnaire where a second screen shows the results of the questionnaire.

This is a sample Search web part that illustrates how you can use search within the new SharePoint Framework. This sample shows the creation of a to do list.

spfx graph api sample

This web part displays the feeds from yammer. Additionally this is quite a nice example of using custom web part properties. This is another great sample web part! You can display the photos contained in a SharePoint Pictures Library and it simulates a pile of photos scattered about on a surface. Thumbnail clicks remove photos from the pile, enlarging them as if being picked up by the userand once in view a secondary click returns the photo to the pile. This is a sample SharePoint Framework client-side web part showing site provisioning using the Microsoft Bot Framework.

NOTE: This web part is not available anymore on github. The web part pulls data from a configured list and User Profile service. The properties pane for this web part has 5 cascading dropdowns. The properties pane for this web part display a drop down list of lists in the current site. Once the user selects one of the lists, the web part display the contents of the list. This is a client side web part demonstrating how to build a calendar web part.

This sample Web Par t illustrating. This sample Web Part goes through reading taxonomy term store hierarchy. Real example querying SharePoint library to show document sizes. This sample SharePoint Framework client-side web part shows upcoming meetings for the current user retrieved using the Microsoft Graph. When sending messages the web part uses the username of the currently logged in user.

The colours used by the web part can be configured for branding purposes. Sample custom property pane controls built in React for use with SharePoint Framework client-side web parts.

How To Use MS Graph In SharePoint Framework (SPFx) App

In this sample the drop-down loads its options asynchronously it also shows cascading drop-downs in the property pane. Both of these drop-downs use external data.

spfx graph api sample

Each chart is uniquely themed with the built-in color theme generator color-schemecontinue generating a theme until you find one to your liking. New charts are populated with Sample data, select a site or define a custom path with the Other optiona list data source, label column, data column and which column indicates a unique value in your list.

See the demo below for an example. This SharePoint Framework web part which uses Redux to maintain a single state for the entire application and ImmutableJS to create performant state trees. You can also add a new list to the site from this web part.Here is step by step guide on how to do that.

This step is required for all PnPjs related solutions. In the case of an SPFx solution, the configuration part is very simple and straightforward. Open your web part code file and import setup method:.

What does it mean for us? In your web part, you should add as many permission requests as your app needs. Locate your package at. Upload that package to the app catalog. Upon uploading you will see below screen:. The message seems complicated, but what it means is that you should approve all permission requests which we added earlier.

The most simple one is through the new UI of SharePoint central administration. Go ahead and select your APIs and click Approve. Please note, that if you use this feature at your tenant for the first time, you might experience some issues.

Sometimes it simply happens. If you see errors try to look for a solution in mentioned posts. The code which gets the data is fairly simple:. He enjoys learning something new fortunately SharePoint is a great place to learn something new every daysharing knowledge, creating useful and interesting tools and making it available to the community via open source contributions on GitHub. We have opened up our SharePoint developer blog also for the Microsoft MVPs who would like to share their articles around SharePoint development topics also through this channel.

If you are an MVP and would like to get some additional exposure, please send your suggestions around the article to spdevblogcommunity microsoft. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. Office Developer Blog. Follow us facebook twitter RSS.You can use the SharePoint Framework starting from v. However, the former approach is bound to a predefined set of permissions, which presents some limitations, and the latter is complex from a development perspective.

The steps in this article show you how to build a client-side web part that enables searching for users in the current tenant, as shown in the following screenshot. The search is based on Microsoft Graph and requires at least the User. All permission. The client-side web part enables searching for users based on their name, and provides all the matching users through a DetailsList Office UI Fabric component. The web part has an option in the property pane to choose how to access Microsoft Graph.

In versions of the SharePoint Framework starting with v. To get the source code for this solution, see the api-scopes GitHub repo. If you're already familiar with how to create SharePoint Framework solutions, you can proceed to Configure the API permissions requests. If you have an old version of the SharePoint Framework generator, you need to update it to version 1.

To do that, run the following command to globally install the latest version of the package. Create a folder in your file system. You will store the solution source code and move the current path into this folder. Start Visual Studio Code or your favorite code editor within the context of the current folder.

Overview of the GraphHttpClient class (deprecated)

Call the new file ClientMode. Open the GraphConsumerWebPart. Update the getPropertyPaneConfiguration method of the client-side web part to support the choice selection in the property pane. The following example shows the new implementation of the method. In addition, you need to update the render method of the client-side web part to create a properly configured instance of the React component for rendering.

The following code shows the updated method definition. For this code to work, you need to add some import statements at the beginning of the GraphConsumerWebPart.

To compile the solution, you need to update the mystrings. Configure proper values for the newly created resource strings by updating the en-us. Open the GraphConsumer. Add the following style classes, right after the. Update the IGraphConsumerProps.

The following example shows the updated content of the IGraphConsumerProps.In this article, we will learn how to develop SPFx webparts for Office SharePoint site and Microsoft Team, that leverages Microsoft Graph to search users and adaptive cards for rendering the user data effectively. The sample used here uses the adaptive card, which has a very minimal UI.

The sample used, shows how effectively UI could be changed by users.

Community Demo - Building business applications to Microsoft Teams using Microsoft Graph and SPFx

But complex custom UI could be built using the adaptive cards. Let us use the adaptive card on our SPFx component for displaying user details. The following provides you the basic understanding. Introduced recently, a new way for developers to render content in a consistent way, which is a open framework. It is providing options for developers, to design the UI for the specific component, using schema or visually.

The following snapshot showing the UI built for our sample. This snapshot has 2 container sets for displaying 2 user details. In the schema mentioned later in the article, the single container is used, which could iterated using for loops for building containers for the required user set.

Ensure, following points are considered. SPFx solution should have package references: 1. Alternatively, you follow the detailed explanation given here to manage conflicts.

Import necessary packages, like adaptive cards, Microsoft graph, and other interfaces. The props will have the current user context information, to work with the Microsoft graph API.

Interfaces are used for setting user object. The parameters like display name, mail, principal name, and mobile phone parameters are declared here.

Text box has a function binding, for triggering for value changes. The function sets the state object, with the search text. MS graph client is called using the context variable. This variable is accessed using props object, that is being passed from the parent TS file. There will be one or more user data. The collection variable is used to store the user collection, with the required parameters.

The result collection is set into state object, for automatically rendering the search results with the help of life cycle method.

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